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This website is for everyone who wants to learn about the Treasure ecosystem (also known as the Treasure-verse) and its native token $MAGIC. TreasureDAO is making the building blocks for a universe of game worlds connected by composable NFTs and $MAGIC. These building blocks include Web 3.0 games, a launchpad for said games, and a marketplace where you can trade in-game assets as NFTs. Together, these products power a functioning and interoperable metaverse economy; whether you're a builder or a player, anyone with a little bit of imagination can create and enjoy Treasure's network of digital worlds. Today, TreasureDAO’s connected metaverses have started coming to life with over 100 builders and teams on board who are backed by some of the most progressive investors and institutions in GameFi.Everything in the Treasure-verse has at least one major thing in common: $MAGIC takes a central role, be it as a currency, in-game reward or gameplay mechanism. $MAGIC is the lifeblood of the Treasure ecosystem and the token that powers it. With deep liquidity, real utility and over 74% of the token locked up, $MAGIC is THE token to buy if you believe the metaverse will be created by builders and not companies. You can also earn valuable $MAGIC emissions by playing the different games in the Treasure-verse.Treasure has also recently launch Trove, their new gamified NFT marketplace with over 200 launch partners already onboard. Revenue from the marketplace will fund the ecosystem and reward $MAGIC stakers. However, this is just the start. The Treasure team is well-funded and comprised of many experienced web2 builders who believe the metaverse is ours to create, not a product to be sold. If that sounds exciting, we welcome you to embark on your journey to the Treasure-verse today!

For those new to Crypto

For new adventurers to the Treasure-verse

  • Learn more about what Treasure is building in this ELI5 article

  • Learn about the building blocks of the Treasure-verse in this ELI5 article

  • Buy your first $MAGIC by referring to this guide.

  • Check out this step-by-step guide on how to use the Treasure Marketplace to get buy the NFTs needed for the games.

  • Reading through the rest of the Start With $MAGIC website and the introductory game writeups.

  • Visiting the Genesis Library by Magus for a deep dive into the Treasure-verse!

How to buy $MAGIC

Treasure and MAGIC operate on the Arbitrum network. Follow the steps below to get your ETH from Layer 1 (what you usually use) to Layer 2 and buy MAGIC. The process below currently takes 5 to 10 minutes but it's easy to do!
Users can also directly withdraw their Ethereum to Arbitrum from some centralized exchanges. Exchange that supports Arbitrum withdrawal right now are Binance,, FTX, Bybit and a few others.

Step-by-step guide

Refer to "How to Buy $MAGIC" for a full step by step guide with pictures!

  1. 1. Have ETH in your Metamask Wallet

  2. 2. Go to Arbitrum Bridge

  3. 3. Enter the ETH amount you want to transfer, follow the steps (5-10 mins)

  4. 4. Switch to Arbitrum Network in MetaMask

  5. 5. Go to SushiSwap, select "Swap from ETH"

  6. 6. "Swap to": search MAGIC

  7. 7. Click "Swap" → "Confirm Swap"

  8. 8. Go explore the Treasure Marketplace

Video by @hunterorrell

Click here to view a picture-by-picture tutorial

Buy MAGIC directly with USDT on OKX

Deposit / withdraw ETH to Arbitrum with Binance

Swap ETH to Arbitrum (and back to mainnet) easy and fast with Hop Exchange

Games in the Treasure ecosystem

What is essential when you are building a "decentralized Nintendo for the Metaverse"? Games to play! Currently, a few games are live and many more are on the way very soon. The games listed here are those that will be on the Treasure Marketplace and have deep integration with the Treasure ecosystem. Dive in the Discord channels and follow their Twitter accounts for a front row seat!

Bridgeworld (Live)
Treasure's flagship game is called Bridgeworld, a game of strategic commerce, trade, and domination that sits at the center of the Treasure metaverse. Legions, Treasures and other Bridgeworld native NFTs represent player characters and items that are used to explore, create and ultimately extract $MAGIC from the world.

Smolverse (Live)
Smolville is a community built metaverse for the Smols. Social experience for NFT users.

BattleFly (Live)
An experimental DeFi strategy game, powered by $MAGIC. Huge community, great design.

LIFE (18 April)
*Life is the creation of Jumpman. It will be an On-chain MMORPG in the Treasure-verse.

Peek-A-Boo! (Live)
Peek-A-Boo is a collection of Ghosts and Busters. Currently, it has a game called Hide-N-Seek where you can earn $BOO by playing the skill-based battleship-style P2E game!

Tales Of Elleria (Live)
Exciting role-playing game where players can summon heroes, take on assignments, go on quests and epic adventures to conquer the unknown! Earn Ellerium, Relics & Equipments.

Toadstoolz (Soon)
Toadstoolz is an ON-CHAIN toad life simulation game. Toadz love to hunt for $BUGZ, go on adventures and are OBSESSED with collecting NFTs. Collection of 8,888 unique NFTs!

Lost Samurise (Live)
The Lost SamuRise is a faction based strategy game played in the fictional world of Tengoku that has borrowed lore and stylistic elements from Samurai culture in classical Japan.

Realm (Live)
Engaging world-building strategy game that allows the community to build as far as their imagination can take them. Diverse and engaging games can be built in these worlds.

SmithyDAO (Live)
Delivering complimentary building blocks to Treasure’s legacy. Collection of weapons that are meant to be cross-metaverse and support the entire MAGIC environment.

KOTE (Live)
Knights of the Ether (KOTE) is an innovative blockchain game that consists of a Play2Earn (P2E) staking questing game and also a Deck-Building Roguelike game.

These games listed are just those that will be on the Treasure Marketplace and there are tons of other games in the Treasure ecosystem that will be on Trove Marketplace. Check out Smolpad for more information about these games! 😁
Also, do check out The Treasure Map and their curated list of projects in the ecosystem.

Community Spotlight June - @JinWoo_arise

More commonly known as The Shadow Monarch, this community member is a die-hard supporter of the Treasure ecosystem who is very much active in the Treasure discord. Follow him below

Big brains to follow

Treasure's community is full of smart, enthusiastic, and vocal people. Follow these 12 to get instantly immersed

John Patten is Co-founder of Treasure and creative director.

Gaarping is Co-founder of Treasure, leading Growth & Tokenomics

Builder of Treasure Tools and Treasure Team Member.

Daily Treasure news and alpha on Twitter called "$MAGIC Minute".

Daily Treasure news and alpha on Twitter called "$MAGIC Alpha"

Daily Treasure news and alpha on Telegram by Sun Beach Love

Active community member sharing daily Treasure market update called the "Smol Street Journal".

Active community member sharing alfa, updates, and other news on Treasure and its games.

Another active community member sharing developments and insights on Treasure and $MAGIC.

Treasure / MAGIC evangelist & Discord moderator.

Ecosystem builder who helps to onboard new players.

Active community member who does regular $MAGIC spaces.


Some extra resources for you to explore (updated regularly).

Marketplace volume dashboard
A visualization of all the Treasure NFT Marketplace volume. Made by community member Bjorn Samuel.

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Nansen's analytical coverage on NFTs in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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Marketplace NFT sales tracker
Track NFT sales on the Marketplace. Split by attribute. Made by community member Théoden King.

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